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Action movie Expendables 3 gets stolen

       the upcoming action movie Expendables 3 gets stolen

On Thursday, the company filed a lawsuit in federal court movie in California against John Does 

The appeal was trained as Lionsgate total July 24 was the record with digital reproduction of high-quality film stolen and uploaded on the internet. The Expendables 3 reported over on a million downloads already. All copies are circulating on the Internet, said the complaint should be directed to the original digital files stolen. 

The lawsuit seeks operator behind,,,, and and use language that is similar to the mass "Doe" complaints last torrent users . 

Photos in the line of fire: Sylvester Stallone shows weapons arsenal for many years 

According to the lawsuit, "by downloading one of these" torrent "files associated with the Film <> stolen, users enter a" climb "where they found the stolen pieces of the film different users, and to send to other members of the stolen film have, until they eventually reproduce the movie all stolen own drives said and in most cases also placed on all or a significant portion of the film stolen to others . "

Lionsgate has sent letters of demand operators in torrent sites. For example, studio hulkfile contacts every day from July 26 to 31 July - an indication of how seriously concerned about the studio to see his films in anticipation leaked August 15 release. Operators of the site by responding to letters of demand, according to the lawsuit. 

Plaintiff seeks a temporary restraining order and a ban prohibiting anonymous operator of links to sites hosting, distribution, display, performance, sale or provide a copy of the Company's third Expendables movie also want to stop defendants from taking action "amen, caused or contributed material to "a direct violation of copyright rights in their work. 

Top U.S. Film School Graduate Photo: Matthew McConaughey, Vince Gilligan and more 

But the conditions that go beyond soliciting ban also seeks to have the defendants are prohibited "any of their work," and ordered to "take all necessary steps to remember and return all copies of the film stolen or any part of it that they are distributed. "In addition, Lionsgate is looking to prevent defendants transferred their assets and avoid the court's decision. Plaintiffs want to keep their names domain registry operator status "closed". 

In addition, ISPs that provide hosting and cloud storage, as well as banks and financial institutions, serving torrent site, also under company movie eye. Agenda can be provided in the near future. 

Lionsgate presents Dennis Wilson of Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton. 

Expendables of 3 products Nu Image, which especially was one of the first companies to go after torrent users. Three years ago, Nu Image targeted 23,322 alleged pirates online in their original Expendables, but he ran into trouble when a federal judge in Washington on the issue of credibility. In 2012, the company later brought other claims of copyright infringement on the film across the country, but very quiet hunting since piracy. 

Identity and motivation people first turn Expendables 3 is not what it was.  


most sexiest funny scenes ever you love it

     the most sexiest funny scenes you love to find out how?????

Orlando Bloom fighting with justin bieber

                 orlando bloom fighting with justin bieber

Orlando Bloom's love life a lot more difficult.
The famous swashbuckling movie star frolicked with the Australian pop singer and model Erica Packer in Spain on Thursday and added a wild twist of her romantic trip

Erica Packer is the ex-wife of an Australian billionaire James Packer, who, reportedly, romancing Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.
Got that?
It was a crazy week, Bloom, who grabbed headlines when he tried to deck Justin Bieber at a nightclub in Ibiza, Spain.
Bratty "Baby" singer's crude remark Kerr ended up with two years ago, shortly before, Bloom and catwalker divorced.
In the case of the Bloom continues to torch his ex-wife and mother of their young son, he does not seem bothered by it on Thursday.
Erica Bloom and was photographed living it up on the Mediterranean island of Formentera.
At the same time, A-listers are coming down on Bloom from his battle with Biebs. "Everyone hates Justin," one source said the party's involvement in Ibiza.
Bloom early in the morning and clapped when Leonardo DiCaprio was cast opened at Justin Bieber
"When Orlando kicked justin bieber, everyone started clapping. Crowds shouted:" What a show! Justin and Orlando fight.

bond between father and son emotional video

i love you dad father

this is an emotional video between father and his son and every person should have to think about this that what his father felling about his see the video and tell us about your behaviour with your dad

respect your father


bear grylls

Bear grylls adventurious/survival pictures and hdwallpapers images

bear grylls is the ex british special commondo force man,get famous by an survival show namly 'one man show'and after the sucesstion of that show started another show with the discovery channel nammely 'bear grylls:escaped from the hell' which is also the very successfull show 

bear is the survival expert and show how to getting survive in any stage


tages:bear grylls pictures,bear grylls adventoiuroius picutures,discovery hero,survival hero,bear grylls in action

Beijing Olympic Stadium the birds nest

Beijing Olympic Stadium (the birds nest) pictures and hdwallpapers images 


 CGI of Beijing Olympic Stadium


 CGI of shops and spectators inside the Birds Nest.


CGI still of completed stadium with spectators 





CGI of finished Birds Nest at night



construction picture of beijing stadium


aerial view of the birds nest stadium


 Aerial view CGI of finished Beijing Stadium.

karishma kapoor

karishma kapoor latest pictures and hdwallpapers images

karisma kapoor is one of the famous actress of the bollywood is now a days is not enter in the bollywood as much before is the daughter of the famous family of the films the kapoors and her sister is karina kapoor is one of the top actress now a days and cozin of rabir kapoor gives bollywood very famous movies like raja hindustani,dil tu pagal hai,hum sath sath hain etc


karisma kapoor with kajol

karisma kapoor with akshey kumar

                                                      anushka shetty

anushka shetty

                                                      anushka sharma

anushka sharma



                                                     kareena kapoor

karina kapoor

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