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10 acts which can sink your progress

               10 acts which can sink your progress/career

Talents, skills, education, work experience is important. But no one is polite and treat others with respect, and they do a good thing. Since the long-term key to professional success.

 However, some people would really wrong here:

 1. They are just wasting other people's time.

 When you are late for a meeting or an appointment, what would you say, because your time is more important. Find a lot of food you put your debit card if you do not wait until the end of the ringing, you really do not pay attention to you if you have to wait for other people said.

 In order to fill a large bottle of water, and three minutes later, while on the back of the floor, you really live in your own little world, the world that is critical to your world.

 Basically, the small things, disturb, but a big problem? If different. Public others when they work in a major way where often unaware of how little they understand.

 How are they truly does not matter when you treat people - says a lot about you - you are a leader, especially when it comes. The pressing needs of the people around you, and you never acts as a gin happen ... and you will definitely like.

 2. They are outsiders "stage" to ignore them.

 Aerobic and weight equipment weighing more than 300 pounds, and efforts to understand the sports hall at the old man. (Hat he was looking for a cut.)

 But no one is talking about him. Or still seem to see him. '' He transparency.

 Why he does not fit.

 We do all the time. We should tell the tunnel was discussed in our meeting when they look upon our company's Coverage. D Circle encompasses stimulated when we need to contend with one 's. Or engineers and engineers on the platform are those who look and sound, but tell who talk booking. (Or it used to praise and thank. I)

 Whenever you make eye contact nod: Here's a simple rule. Or smile. Or (!) Not even say hello. You act like a person.

 We love you automatically - and nothing for you even if remembered as someone who is committed.

 3. They demanded.

 To ask you for a favor, one who does not know, two large terms. He politely declined. Asked again. Again refused. Then he pulled out the card needs ". However, I really [] are required. It is very important to me".

 Perhaps we are, in fact, actually []. But our problem is required. The world does nothing debt. We may provide advice or guidance or achievements are not allowed. The only thing that deserves the money.

 Often the first self-help civilians. People who helped them, first aid training.

 We know that all of our life in this nation of more than you want to, because the sight of, others, including understood Out And see who calls his people with against friends those who youth fellow arrow.

 4. They ignore the real needs of.

 At the same time, some people are not able to help. Fitting a few dollars of fine flour a little bit '', or a warm coat: they need to be on the other end.

 While I certainly do not believe that good things always feel good about yourself, come to you in the form of a memorial to believe.

 And this surplus to help those who are weak in sufficient reasons.

 5. They can talk to them, ask questions.

 Lunch, a boy asked me: "hey, you think social media marketing effective?"

 '' I believe that, under the right circumstances, "you say," ... "

 "Wrong," he intercepts. While you desperately try to escape "I direct sales bump never seen. Can not be measured, the 'knowledge' or an important goal in .... Can not see the return on investment" drones.

 With false accusations to your opinion to shoehorn. If you really want to know the answers to the questions. When he says he is no longer help you better understand the points of view other one follow-up questions.

 And not for other people, people who are genuinely interested in yourself.

 6. And they said, "you know who I am?", To draw

 Rees Witherspoon podium next to OK, but many paper "very important" to ensure that it is some form.

 Maybe the line is too long. အိုန် service "personal" enough. Or "reserves" to display the level of respect.

 Suppose that you are a real person. Or different treatment entitles you should assume that you are a person who want to act like they do not know better.

 7. They do not know when redial.

 A brilliant personality is very funny. It becomes difficult or stressful situations when they have fled, but some people can not stop "their individual expression."

 We joke, I know you. We joke, I know you. We have you moving to his own drum rhythm, I know. However, the time to comply with the brash serious, time to play time and time challenges, and there is time to withdraw.

 Conditions your words or actions. Free from sin, you need to know when to stop,
 8. mouse tail confuse the truth to them.

 You are involved with. Some of the fun when it went smoothly ... but the same thing for other people to know your fun does not make him a receding hairlines, or weight, or your spouse and children, or fighting career.

 Sweet fun yourself, 'OK, when you have had a few things you want to hear, but the last bald or money or, "Do you glad you want fries with" comedy.

 Sometimes the cover of Self-deprecation is often not secure true, however. He was mocked him to hire someone that should be fun to hit your permission.

 You will be taken in the right spirit, when we know Teasing. Otherwise, if you feel the need to be fun yourself tease.

 9. They humblebrag.

 Humblebragging you boast that they can not compete without appearing to honor the proud, humble aims to close မျက်နှာဖုံးတပ် is a form of pride. (Key word is still very pleased with their law humblebraggers easy because it "appears".)"

 No one should feel like a TED Talk. No one wants to maintain two houses want to hear how difficult it is. Low self-heavy or not, with a business or personal - many thought prior to boast. Who is a size 14, a girl with a size 2, but in size as your Prada Prada does not want to hear complaints of size 4.

 Or better yet, do not boast about. What would have been successful self proud in yourselves. Allowance of the others for you.

 If you have made things interesting, they will.

 10. reject their opinions.

 Something you know. Interesting things. Big things.

 Impressive. However, they also share the correct settings. If you sharing. Your manager or coach, however, share this. You just started paleo diet are at a boy ... what we would or would not - unless you ask.

 Others what is right for you to be right. You might be right for you may not turn out to correct for what is thought, Shoot.

 Win friends and influence, and the construction and excellent performance - useful advice offered in most things in life, like your happening.

APPLE company in the court facing a suit


iOS, 8, a pair of Florida customers are suing the company that two things need to improve the amount of memory for maximum storage in 2014 with only 16GB iPhone and iPad continue selling, and much Flack caught for Apple. A lawsuit filed yesterday in California, residents of Miami iPhone and Christopher Paul Orshan Endara 16GB and iPad Orshan believe bought a little 'more to iOS iOS 7 after upgrade your iPhone 5S has been reduced by reducing the amount of usable space was August said.

"But ironically, Apple iOS 8 sellers in most IOS. '"

The question has been formatted by the system software of the size of a gigabyte Apple explains that the note. But also upgrade to IOS 8 If the system software Apple iOS more useful space, reducing the space that occupies much of that argument.

"If they decide to buy this product for the average consumer would consider omitting material facts because Apple's misrepresentations and omissions are deceptive and misleading," said the complaint. The biggest ever launch of iOS. "How" Ironically, Apple iOS 8 retailers, of course, Apple's iOS 's 8. extolling the virtues of marketing materials mass hypothesis can be completely unknown, the size of literal iOS 8, does not refer to

According to the complaint, the box size to 23.1 percent from 18.1 discrepancy, some new Apple devices such functions:

Dimensions Apple iOS

For other people who bought the 16GB devices that seeks collective complaint, most applications work on the device of space to store things like images that are provided to users of iCloud storage plans to improve the accused. It also helps users to be able to download the files to suppliers of third-party storage and file transfer utility desktop does not work with Apple accused.

"Using his tactics unfair trading [Apple] a child or grandchild of a record or Word users, basketball games, when I was trying to take pictures, for example, in a desperate moment offers the opportunity to sell the storage capacity less publicized or marriage, "he says. "Each storage gigabyte Apple about 400-500 high-resolution images disappoint our customers money, put it in context."

Apple does not comment on this complaint, especially in the (ultimately was rejected) iPod advertising in 2007 than the amount of storage space of the case before it was completed. IPod nano 8GB a big difference for me only a difference of 7.5%, which is only usable storage, 7.45GB checked in is there. It could be much worse. In only its first model of Microsoft customers had access to almost half of storage, especially when, in the amount of money available surface storage is being sued.

usa president gets a call from moscow

MOSCOW (AP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow next year looks to equality in relations said that US President Barack Obama in the New Year message.

Wednesday Kremlin states and several dozen New Year's message, such as the International Olympic Committee and FIFA addresses leaders published.

Putin Allied victory in World War II, Obama recalled the upcoming 70th anniversary and should serve as a reminder that "the responsibility for Russia and to maintain international peace and stability America Bear". But it is not only the ratio between Moscow wants to promote "equality and mutual respect."

Posts conspicuously absent from the list of recipients of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko New Year.

jennifer lawrence get top listed at the hightest grossing actors


                                Jennifer  Lawrence   on fire

jennifer lawrence becomes the hightest grossing actors according toforbes.Not any doubt of this that she deserves this as she is beautiful,sing an hit song,give the most spectacular movies to hollywood and going up day by day,her last movies the hunger games mockingjay released at november 21 and till now earning more than 123 million $$$

she really deserves the best listing at the hightest grossing actors  she is also getting popular all over the world and the amount of her fans increasing day by day till now her jennifer lawrence fans at her
official facebook page  are 11,876,443 at facebook and the twitter results are also not different
so keep it up Jennifer Lawrence

get worry about stuff is the gesture of intelligence

Tendency to worry about things that may be a sign of a certain kind of intelligence, according to an article published in the next issue of a personal journal and individual differences (hat tip to Jarrett Christian to digest the British Psychology Society for the discovery of this one), a team led by Alexandra Penny from Lakehead University gave Ontario university lithium 126 surveys and questionnaires to measure their intelligence, and how they tend to emphasize the events in their lives. (For example, the amount asked them what was agreed with statements such as "I'm always worried about something.") After analyzing the results, and Benny and his team found a relationship between anxiety and verbal intelligence.

More knowledge about us: people who stay up late worrying more

Correlation does not mean causation, of course, but this is not the first act, I found a link between anxiety and intelligence. On the other side, and Benny and his colleagues also found an interesting link in the other direction: You mentioned and more respondents said that they played more past events in their minds, and they are ranked lower on the non-verbal intelligence. Explanation, Benny and his colleagues is to provide for:

AirAsia Indonesia To Singapore Lost Contact With the air control indonesia expected to be fallen

AirAsia flight journey from Surabaya, Indonesia, Singapore with 162 passengers on board lost contact with air traffic control at the beginning of Sunday, the airline confirmed. Indonesia has launched a search service to quickly identify missing plane site, but on Sunday night, stopped most search and rescue operations during the day, the plane is still missing.

The airline said the loss of contact with the international airport in Indonesia Surabaya Juanda at 7:24 am Singapore time on Sunday morning - QZ Aviation 8501 - Airbus 320-200. "He asked deviation due to bad weather on the way, before contact with the aircraft," said AirAsia break in a statement the plane.

"Somewhere along the estimated plane lost contact weather was not good - - bad," said an official of the Ministry of Transport of Indonesia Hadi Mustafa.
Mustafa said the plane lost contact somewhere between Kalimantan on Borneo island and the island of Belitung, about 42 minutes after the plane took off.

Air freight director Joko Muryo Atmodjo Ministry said there was no distress signal was not sent, adding: "This is why we can not assume another."

"We are coordinating with the team [] rescue looking for a position. We believe that somewhere between Tanjung Pandan, a town on the island of Belitung, and Kalimantan," said Atmodjo.

The plane took off 5:20 pm local time in Surabaya and was on the ground at 8:30 am in Singapore, according to AFP. AirAsia
An official from the agency, the National Search and Rescue indicates Indonesia is a place where AirAsia flight QZ8501 missing. (Photo: Getty)

AirAsia said in a statement that 155 passengers, two pilots and five crew members were on board the plane. Among the passengers and crew 155 Indonesians, three in South Korea, and Singapore, and, a French citizen and one Malaysian, Indonesian and was a co-captain britanskie.Kapitan in French. He said AirAsia had 16 children and one child among the passengers.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, one woman found in the crisis center in Changi Airport was seven family members on the plane, including her mother and her brother.

AirAsia confirmed this plane coming from the city of Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore lost contact with air traffic control in the morning in voskresene.Struya photographed from above at Singapore Changi Airport in 2010 in the early (Photo: Bruno Geiger, Flickr)

Malaysia, Singapore and Australia offered to help search for the plane. AirAsia he was "full cooperation," he said with the efforts and set up a call center for relatives of those on board the plane.

Established AirAsia emergency call center, which is available to family members or friends who may be on board samoleta.Chislo: 622129850801.
She said the Ministry of Transport in Indonesia has been published six ships and helicopters to search for the missing flight. Malaysia contributed three warships and three aircraft to help in the search. Officials said Posted Singapore C130 aircraft. Although the coalition of countries that are looking for flights QZ 8501, fell on Sunday night from the plane missing, prompting Indonesia to cancel the search process during the day. 08:30 local time, all of the search process, the air has stopped, although some boats continued to search is expected to resume ohotu.Polnotekstovy 6:00 pm

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore issued a statement early Sunday that "the waiting area, have also been established with all the tools and support to relatives and friends of the passengers were injured" in the Changi Airport. By Sunday evening, was recorded dozens of those associated with the passengers in the waiting lounge. Said Tony Fernandes, CEO of Air Asia flight he will go to Surabaya, where he was most of the passengers. "This is my worst nightmare," he wrote on Twitter.

Family members of the missing passengers of Malaysia's AirAsia airline company QZ8501 trip collection in Surabaya Sidoarjo in East Java on December 28, 2014 (Photo: AP)

And is the best-selling A320 family of Airbus aircraft, in more than 6,000 aircraft in the process. In a statement, Airbus, which lost off the line in 2008, she said, and spent about 13,600 flights, a total of about 23,000 hours of flight time. Airbus announced that it will extend full cooperation in the investigation, said he "thought control Airbus and staff with all those affected by flight QZ 8501."

As stated turned AirAsia flight missing logos color changed from social media channels from red to gray. AirAsia, which is headquartered in Malaysia, is one of the fastest growing low-cost airlines in Asia regions. They never lost a plane before, according to the Associated Press.

"This is my worst nightmare," said the commander of AirAsia Tony Fernandez.

AXC pkaxc
The plane lost contact with air traffic control is an Airbus A320-200 and photographed from above at Singapore Changi Airport in 2011 (Photo: Aero Icarus, Flickr)

The disappearance of AirAsia flight is the third of the air crash in 2014, which includes Malaysia, the Associated Press notes. The national carrier of Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, two of the disasters suffered in 2014. In March, the airline lost contact with the MH370 flight en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board. Still missing. In July, shot the MH17 trip down the eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people. After news of the disappearance of Flight 8501 in Malaysia Airlines has offered its support on Twitter.

According to the report, the range of the White House, President Barack Obama informed about the trip were missing, and the "White House officials will continue to monitor the situation." And Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wrote on Twitter that "sad" to hear about the missing plane. "My thoughts are with the passengers and their families," he said. He said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak Mohammed said his country "is ready to provide assistance."

operation 021

Abdullah (Ayub Khoso), after 30 years of war in Afghanistan, wants to save his country from another 50 years of corporate warfare. He works with his Pakistani ally Kashif Siddiqui (Shaan Shahid) to save the two neighboring countries from further turmoil through a plan that could risk the lives of them and their families. A plan that has 21 hours to be executed

pk(pee kee)movie

A foreigner, PK (Aamir Khan), who stranded land on the ground in a research mission in Rajasthan, but when the remote control TV and stolen vehicles. PK, do not know the customs and traditions of the land, and learn to fit between humans by wearing clothes and use the money couples having sex in the car theft. In an effort to learn to communicate by grabbing the hands of farmers and absorb their memories tactile, and they chase him away when he tries. Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt) hits him with her car and take him to the doctor who declares PK is a person who suffers from memory loss. Byron makes friends with him and playing sexual interest, grasping the hand of strange, and takes him to a brothel. There, he has the hands of foreign prostitute for six hours and thus learns Bhojpuri language.

Foreign travel to Delhi in search of the remote control has stolen. Because of his strange behavior, townspeople assume that drunk (drunk translates Paul-Kai in Hindi), and call on PK. Delhi being a very big city, and people will tell you that only God can help you find the remote control. PK is to find God, but confused by the different faiths and traditions, mixing in India. Later it was discovered that a man god, tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla), has a remote control. However, claiming falsely tapasvi have achieved the goal of God in the Himalayas and refuses to return to the PK. Puzzled, PK concludes that tapasvi and other religious leaders should pray to God, and thus the spread of misunderstanding and rituals have no meaning "wrong number."

At the same time, in Bruges, television reporter Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) falls in love with a man named Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput). Father Jaggu (Parikshit Sahni) opposes their relationship because of Sarfaraz is a Muslim from Pakistan. He consults tapasvi which is expected to Sarfaraz betrayal Jaggu. Determined to prove that they are wrong and have been held, Jaggu Sarfaraz suggests. It's a broken heart in the wedding chapel when it receives a message asking out of wedlock because of their differences. Returned to India, where he was intrigued while watching PK distributing leaflets about God that is missing. After hearing his story, Jaggu develop a plan to expose and restore the distance tapasvi of PK.

Jaggu encouraged thousands of people to submit videos of their own experiences with religious leaders calling for "the wrong number." Finally, the imposition of tapasvi to enter the study and meet the PK in the air. Tapasvi countries that have a direct connection with God, and refers to the expectations of the betrayal of Sarfaraz evidence. However, PK absorb memories Jaggu and discovers that Sarfaraz did not write the letter you received. CONTACTS Jaggu Pakistani Embassy in Belgium, where he worked as Sarfaraz. Embassy tells Sarfaraz still loves and calls every day to ask if called. Jaggu and Sarfaraz reconnect and tapasvi, and exposed as a fraud, because PK devices.

In the context of the film, PK is for Jaggu but refrain from saying she likes Sarfaraz. The record instead of Phonograms and fill their bags with batteries so you can listen to the tapes in their home planet. While leaving, Jaggu located with respect to the content of the tapes. Jaggu, despite knowing the truth remains silent. Later in the book has been published for PK reader says she lacks him deeply.

The film ends with PK return to Earth after a year in new research mission with another foreigner (Ranbir Kapoor).

The interview movie

The interview is the 2014 American political comedy directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg in his second directorial debut, in the wake of the end of the world. Screenplay Dan Sterling is the story by Rogen, Goldberg and sterling. The film stars Rogen and James Franco as journalists instructions to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (played by Randall Park) after booking an interview with him. Mixed reactions from critics has received.

In June 2014, the government of North Korea has threatened to take action "without mercy" against the United States if the distributor of the film, Columbia Pictures, he went ahead with the launch. Colombia delay the release of October 10 to December 25 and edit the film to make it more palatable to North Korea said. In November, and cut off the computer systems of the parent company of Sony Pictures Entertainment by "guard the peace", a group that the FBI believed to have links with North Korea. After the escape of many other upcoming films then Sony and other sensitive internal information, the group demanded that Sony pull the interview, he noted that "terrorism film." At December 16, 2014, peace and guards threatened terrorist attacks against cinemas that played the interview.

On December 17, after a series of big chains canceled American films in the interest of safety presentations, cancel Sony theatrical release of the interview, which sparked criticism from the media, and Hollywood personalities and US President Barack Obama. After initially said he had no plans to release the film, which Sony interview available for rent online December 24, and through a limited version of the role of the selected display in the December 25 December.

Action movie Expendables 3 gets stolen

       the upcoming action movie Expendables 3 gets stolen

On Thursday, the company filed a lawsuit in federal court movie in California against John Does 

The appeal was trained as Lionsgate total July 24 was the record with digital reproduction of high-quality film stolen and uploaded on the internet. The Expendables 3 reported over on a million downloads already. All copies are circulating on the Internet, said the complaint should be directed to the original digital files stolen. 

The lawsuit seeks operator behind,,,, and and use language that is similar to the mass "Doe" complaints last torrent users . 

Photos in the line of fire: Sylvester Stallone shows weapons arsenal for many years 

According to the lawsuit, "by downloading one of these" torrent "files associated with the Film <> stolen, users enter a" climb "where they found the stolen pieces of the film different users, and to send to other members of the stolen film have, until they eventually reproduce the movie all stolen own drives said and in most cases also placed on all or a significant portion of the film stolen to others . "

Lionsgate has sent letters of demand operators in torrent sites. For example, studio hulkfile contacts every day from July 26 to 31 July - an indication of how seriously concerned about the studio to see his films in anticipation leaked August 15 release. Operators of the site by responding to letters of demand, according to the lawsuit. 

Plaintiff seeks a temporary restraining order and a ban prohibiting anonymous operator of links to sites hosting, distribution, display, performance, sale or provide a copy of the Company's third Expendables movie also want to stop defendants from taking action "amen, caused or contributed material to "a direct violation of copyright rights in their work. 

Top U.S. Film School Graduate Photo: Matthew McConaughey, Vince Gilligan and more 

But the conditions that go beyond soliciting ban also seeks to have the defendants are prohibited "any of their work," and ordered to "take all necessary steps to remember and return all copies of the film stolen or any part of it that they are distributed. "In addition, Lionsgate is looking to prevent defendants transferred their assets and avoid the court's decision. Plaintiffs want to keep their names domain registry operator status "closed". 

In addition, ISPs that provide hosting and cloud storage, as well as banks and financial institutions, serving torrent site, also under company movie eye. Agenda can be provided in the near future. 

Lionsgate presents Dennis Wilson of Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton. 

Expendables of 3 products Nu Image, which especially was one of the first companies to go after torrent users. Three years ago, Nu Image targeted 23,322 alleged pirates online in their original Expendables, but he ran into trouble when a federal judge in Washington on the issue of credibility. In 2012, the company later brought other claims of copyright infringement on the film across the country, but very quiet hunting since piracy. 

Identity and motivation people first turn Expendables 3 is not what it was.  


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