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Bear grylls adventurious/survival pictures and hdwallpapers images

bear grylls is the ex british special commondo force man,get famous by an survival show namly 'one man show'and after the sucesstion of that show started another show with the discovery channel nammely 'bear grylls:escaped from the hell' which is also the very successfull show 

bear is the survival expert and show how to getting survive in any stage


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Beijing Olympic Stadium (the birds nest) pictures and hdwallpapers images 


 CGI of Beijing Olympic Stadium


 CGI of shops and spectators inside the Birds Nest.


CGI still of completed stadium with spectators 





CGI of finished Birds Nest at night



construction picture of beijing stadium


aerial view of the birds nest stadium


 Aerial view CGI of finished Beijing Stadium.

karishma kapoor latest pictures and hdwallpapers images

karisma kapoor is one of the famous actress of the bollywood is now a days is not enter in the bollywood as much before is the daughter of the famous family of the films the kapoors and her sister is karina kapoor is one of the top actress now a days and cozin of rabir kapoor gives bollywood very famous movies like raja hindustani,dil tu pagal hai,hum sath sath hain etc


karisma kapoor with kajol

karisma kapoor with akshey kumar

                                                      anushka shetty

anushka shetty

                                                      anushka sharma

anushka sharma



                                                     kareena kapoor

karina kapoor

                        saeed ajmal pictures and hdwallpapers

saeed ajmal is the sprin bowler of pakistan cricket team and one of the successfull bowler in all over the world and hold many times the number one position in the icc ranking for the bowlers.














saeed ajmal with saqlain mushtaq 






saeed ajmal bowling





david beckham

david bechkhan 

kobe bean bryan 

kobe bean bryan



shahid khan afridi

shahid khan afridi
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