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DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS on Nov at Oaxaca, Mexico

DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS on Nov at Oaxaca, Mexico

A man is dead celebration

It comes in early November and the Mexican families to throw a party, the Dead and an invitation to dinner. Although the Day of the Dead (Day of the Dead) is often confused with Halloween because of their proximity in time, this festival is not about ghouls and goblins, but revives the dead and welcomed home their lives as a blessing.

Altars and offerings are a way to remind family members who went to the afterlife. In this culture, and the blurring of the lines between life and death and the acceptance of mortality becomes a freedom from fear. In fact, life and death and live in parallel planes in Mexico. This beautiful festival is a deep lesson of life that transcends life itself.

All Saints, souls and skulls

This celebration dates back 3,000 years, long before the Spanish influence in the region. Today the party is a mixture of traditions of pre-Columbian and Christian teachings. The Aztecs believed that life and death coexist, and in the fall of the dead visit the living. Death is just the gates to the underworld, adhesion awareness and the Renaissance to the highest level. Christianity merged with the original ritual of All Saints (November 1) and All Souls' Day (November 2) to put their own religious spin on it. In Catholic Mexico often intertwined tombs and crosses with a strong Aztec symbols such as skulls. Similar celebrations occur throughout the world, including All Saints in the Philippines and All Souls Day in Brazil.

Celebration instead of mourning

While death is often a sad affair, Day of the Dead is a joyful celebration of life. For some, nerds might be seen as is the case with the dark shades. However, the basic themes are love and memory and honor. Day of the Dead is to accept death rather than life lost a duel, and the celebration of life lived. They help families and children come to terms with death, and perhaps even more the unknown and fear of life.

Archos offers brightly colored spiritual Plush carpet welcome and represents the gates to the underworld.
Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico and the United States and other large Mexican population density countries. It spreads also artistic and cultural influence worldwide. The festival takes place over three days. October 31 is a day of preparation. The definition of gender roles traditionally in rural Mexico, women make food preparation and cleaning the house, while the men build altars mud in the house. November 1 intended for children and infants, today Angelitios (Day of the Little Angels). Offers placed candy and favorite toys on the massacres in the hope that life will absorb the essence and fed through his journey to the underworld. November 2 Day of the Dead, for adults. Calaveras (skulls decorated) is a rite of larger, more detailed and more complex and spicy food and served with shots of tequila.

Festivals occurring all over the country, but Oaxaca is the capital of Mexico from the late and the best place to dance with the dead. Lost souls often need some help in finding your way home. Archos offers brightly colored spiritual Plush carpet welcome and represents the gates to the underworld. Altars are central to the festival and make families remember lost loved ones. In Oaxaca, the altar and the cemetery are always popular. Offers of water such as the traditional pan de muerto and foodstuffs (bread of the dead) often take the form of skulls to feed the hungry spirits after a long trip home.

During the day is a time for rest and contemplation, while the night is to commemorate and celebrate. In a festival of this darkness, the night is when the dead come back to life. And vigils occur candlelight processions around the carnage, while the availability reacts vivid sound travel.

Festive food and drawing on the face

Soul food taken at this time of year, literally. In addition to bread and tortillas, Mexican hot chocolate (hot chocolate) and other traditional delights of dead is at hand. It is made for the dead, but the living get to enjoy them as leftovers (no essence) party in both worlds. Sugar skulls are the most famous image of the festival. For them, the display is white granulated sugar in the form of templates on the skull, and then colored, and each containing the name of one party. These are placed on the graves and massacres in memory. Some sugar skulls have inspired a range of cultural art on the basis of this tradition.

Another tradition that has spread outside of Mexico is a complex face paint. In the tradition of sugar skulls, people face as processions painted skulls and became a dance of the living dead. The Aztecs believed that the death was an awakening or a renaissance. Skull symbolism is very strong and this means that the power of death as a means to shift to a higher level of consciousness.

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DESERT HEARTS on Apr at Warner Springs, California, United States

DESERT HEARTS on Apr at Warner Springs, California, United States

Phoebe One

For you, and point of view is clear: the stage. One environment. love is one. No exceptions, no provision is very clear and positive message to meet only once a year. Desert Hearts is a semi-annual meeting in a remote desert area, surrounded by hills and protected from the Fed Angeles Coyotes Indian in Southern California forests.

Escape measures Los Angeles city life about three hours by car (two from San Diego), but mentally, the more escape from a world away. Not only his followers behind their daily lives, but also the circumstances of the largest festivals today. Desert Hearts represent subculture among the huge expansion of the circle has come for the festival, and a mecca for those seeking organic environment for personal expression and discovery. Have affected the festival by the experiences at the burning man and lightning in a bottle, and began to work on assembling -300 people informally in 2012. Its founders participate and promote the environment cares more about the community that profit margins. It's creative movement, uncensored and unprecedented and rooted in personal expression and positive energy going on within each one of us.

Hello to our home

Coyotes are off the grid, and while the festival, which will embrace the opportunity to relax and hone in on what is happening in front of your eyes, not on the screen. Entrance to the camp looks like a colorful bazaar, or market, supplied with equipment and sustenance bacchanal and vegetarian delights, shops, vendors, artists, holistic healers. The first stage is the lattice wood frame, with lanterns hanging from the trees, surrounded by festival goers from all sides. He expressed many of them in the crowd, pushing through a personal style - you will find some wearing body paint, costumes, wigs, masks, bodies and clothes, and directing people have not imagined yet.

While roaming the landscape of the festival, and can meet with walkers stilt and rocket fire and the robots 30 feet made of scrap metal, which exist for one reason and one reason wonderful: the intrigue and spark energy all who come face to face with the artifacts of our inner psyche. It is interesting, but, as you get to know this festival will also find that if I stripped the landscape and all the physical attractiveness, the more you will feel the same way. It is powered from the hearts of the desert by people and effervescence that bring with them to every event. The spirit and energy of the participants more strong with you to the extent that, for most, the answer to the fight against the desert cold temperatures at night are just dancing with more enthusiasm.

We found love

Hearts desert include the founders of the clan of DJs and music lovers from San Diego: Mickey "Lion" Lion, David "porkchop" Lyon, Ryan "Deep Jesus" Oreg, Matthew "Marbs" Marabella Crown Reynolds. A part of the crew began to throw a party called the "jungle" again in 2010 when he returned home after graduating from university, at which time it was San Diego home landscape more concept than reality. They did, but to find a partner called "Moonshake" which was organized by the hearts of the desert and future founder of him, Lee Reynolds, which eventually led to the role of DJ dissident party in the Mojave Desert pulled by Christopher Christophe (who became his partner shortly after). Thus was born the first meeting in November 2012 between friends, and after six months, attracted the hearts of the second desert about 900 people. Since then, the brand scored more with you to continue the deployment of love and the power of a common society, he added. This is the first Great Seal of the house, and record the technology that is absolutely free and is available to the public, and anyone who wants to hear.

The rhythm of their hearts desert

Since its inception, it has grown more than you exponentially, but its size is still refreshing intimate - and plans to remain so in the foreseeable future. "Anything more than 3,000 people do not feel connected," says founder Mickey Leon. Security problems that come along with the huge festivals big help simply do not exist in you anymore. Instead of opening the festival with the biggest crowds, and the family you prefer to provide much more selective with the experience more pronounced Festival for longer. So far, the festival has made 100 consecutive hours of the house, and techno music in one place for everyone to enjoy. Unlike the hundreds of multi-stage festivals, and other multi-genre, organizers focused more with you one hundred percent of its energy needs in one place, under the philosophy of "one stage. Room. And love." In more with you, everything can be binding, and thus will only be a stage and the audience.

More healing strategy is you either popular or tie. Instead, it is a DJ who showed passion and the spirit of life, music and love. They are seeking acts that follow the same creed and push the boundaries within the electronic music scene underground. Headliners whenever you just do not reach, performance and left. Stay the weekend with the rest of the family over you. No tickets were VIP bracelets areas of the media or the press. Everybody, including the regulators, sleeping in tents, or rack at best. Everyone immersed themselves in the collective experience. After all, we are all the hearts of the desert.

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DECIBEL FESTIVAL on Sep at Seattle, Washington, United States

DECIBEL FESTIVAL on Sep at Seattle, Washington, United States

DB Festival was founded in 2003 by Sean Horton expose people to limit the edge of electronic music, visual arts and interactive multi-media and educate them, too. There are a number of forces that led to its creation: Growing up in Detroit listening technical artists, and go to Seattle and works in the world of music, and the desire to unite what he calls "the society it seems difficult to reach fans of electronic music, like me, you have become disenchanted with the cultural landscape "post-rave."

In short, the DBA is a kind of festival artists who perform tend to manipulation, and wasting time with her, and the exploitation of technology as best as possible, and where the presence of dozens of volunteers and is also in the same music because it is the city of Seattle.
During the 2000s, musicians really began to explore the possibilities of what mobile technology can do for them, leading to a "mobile artists." Horton wanted to make a presentation to the intersection of music, art, technology, and people are talking about it, too, with workshops and lectures. His inauguration in September 2004 festival ran for four days in four locations and attracted about 2,500 people. During its early years, the average decibel about 6,000 people, but it soon became clear that the interest rate can support one, is the festival for five days. With the help of tons of volunteers, spread dB throughout the city, and reached its peak with 26,000 attendees in 2012.

Older, wiser, and even better

Today, it is a matter of five days which usually attracts more than 25,000 people annually. In the 10 years from the date of decibels, it has led to more than 1,000 artists from more than 40 countries in multiple stages stipulated in Seattle, including Amon Tobin, Lord, James Blake, Moby, Orbital, Flosstradamus, Trentemoller, Autechre, Velvet green, DJ shadow, Ladytron, Gaslamp killer, among many other things. Unlike other festivals of this stature, DBA has no basis festival dedicated. As a result, you can not reap the benefits of a centralized year after year and has no main space, which can accommodate all the activities. Instead, scattered exhibitions (concerts) and other events throughout the city in ten different places. Last year, the Chihuly Garden and Glass for the event ranged from the opening of the W Seattle (official partner hotel last year, and a DJ) for a handful of clubs and concert halls.

The bulk of the activity of the festival will be held in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, a bastion of progressive thought, cafes, clubs, libraries, cover side to side, from apartments to mansions. There, you will find it's more like a cube: Broadway Performance Hall, home to the expectations of the windows will call for input, and the activity of lectures, films, and the decibels in the garden. However, in a nutshell, dB is the kind of festival artists Iqmn tend to manipulation, and wasting time with her, and the exploitation of technology as best as possible, and where the presence of dozens of volunteers and is also in the music itself, as well as the city of Seattle. Founder Sean Horton says: "If you love coffee and marijuana, craft beer, thrift stores, and deep conversations, and explore the outdoors, and dancing until dawn, both dB and Seattle and for you."

Get Smart

, It has given since its inception dB priority to educate the public, so from noon until 18:00 for three of the five days, and can go to the last year the central point was a performance of Broadway and learn a little more about what is happening behind the scenes. And participate in a free conference together thought leaders, musicians, artists, artists and creators gambling and lighting, and the staff of industry and producers to talk about what they do. It helps to show new talent and festival goers bring a little more at this particular aspect of the music industry. During the years that included performances from the likes of Moby, Peter Hook, orbital, Erykah Badu, Carl Craig, Roger Lane, Olafur Arnalds, Mike Huckaby, Lusine, and more.

Each dB, all the time, even in other festivals

DB main activity is their festival, but recently began to organize more than 50 events and production throughout the year, about seven events per month, an average of about 700 people at the event. It is a way to expand the brand, for sure, but it is also a byproduct of the power of the spirit of cooperation that defines Seattle. This set of concerts in clubs all over the city on cooperative events more widely produced in collaboration with other organizations such as the Seattle Theatre Group and AEG Live. It is also not unusual to find at some stage dB for another festival, either Bumbershoot in Seattle, MUTEK (Montreal), the Festival (Portland, Oregon), movement (Detroit), or dimensional (Croatia).

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DARWIN BEER CAN REGATTA on Jul at Darwin, Australia

DARWIN BEER CAN REGATTA on Jul at Darwin, Australia

Regatta, is what floats your boat. Each year contestants craft boats businessmen from beer cans recycled, making the sea. 

Half the fun is to see some designs of hope in the water and come back down completely before the race has even started. Darwin Beer Can Regatta highlights the spirit of the collection, drink and creativity in this position advanced Western Australia. This does not mean that people do not put him to work in a tray of beer boats, many of which are, in fact, seaworthy, representing several months of consumption of beer minutes and "what can be built," a beer at a time.

Splash garbage since 1974

The first enclosure of beer race began innocently original idea Lutz Frankenfeld and Paul Rice and Chapman, both of whom are members of the Association of Regional Tourism Promotion Darwin. At the time, Paul was an agreement with the beer swan factories to organize activities based on water festival, and was investigating the idea of ​​building boats with empty beer cans. Lutz took this idea a step further, adding an external drive

DARWIN BEER CAN REGATTA on Jul at Darwin, Australia Pictures And HD Wallpers

CRSSD FESTIVAL on Oct at San Diego, California, United States

CRSSD FESTIVAL on Oct at San Diego, California, United States

Comin 'hot

After only one year under his belt, he has already assumed the mantle CRSSD music festival on the West Coast to see. Two-day conference in San Diego in the spring of 2015 by a local dance and music suppliers and began to party FNGRS CRSSD (responsible for a list of club shows in San Diego Bang Bang, a nightclub in Los sound of angels, and others). Taking cues from European dance festivals such as sonar, CRSSD avoids the trappings of the typical culture of the administrative organization to provide more mature dance concert, at the instigation of more than 21 years of age requirements for all attendees.

Extend that spirit to the lineup opening of the festival, which combines the performance hit directly including Chromeo, Empire of the Sun and STRFKR strong compendium of DJ refined James Murphy, Maceio Blix and Tensnake, House Tong, DJ Harvey, J. Phlip, Lee Burridge, and Seth Troxler. Right off the bat, a list CRSSD attended for the most demanding dance music fan, hungry festival experience without over-the-top display typical EDM tools.

Let's run again!

The plan was ambitious resounding success. With the ability culminated in a comfortable 15,000 attendees, turning fans event with glowing testimony enough that the promoters has inspired to expand their vision and do something rarely seen in the world of music festivals: make it every time for the second time in the same year.

Thus, in October 2015, CRSSD founded in Waterfront Park for the last weekend of music carefully coordinated by the Gulf.

Expand the parameters event beyond dance music accurately, boast the second festival of Flaming Lips and TV on the Radio with DJ Jamie XX, Maya Jane Coles and legendary Giorgio Moroder. Like its predecessor in the spring, and care CRSSD to position the most extreme music lovers dancing with the likes of bonobo, Todd Terry, Nicolas Jaar, Hercules and the story of love and Panda Bear.

Looking ahead

With so many festivals of American music aspires to become bigger and more extravagant success, on the occasion CRSSD found souls again and go for something more intimate and personal. Take advantage of the explosion of the administrative organization and the culture of the party when addressing demographic a little older who still wants to party, which has already found a comfortable place after only one year and two weekend events for a long time.

Time will tell if CRSSD inspiration smaller festivals healing Similarly in the American landscape. At the same time, he began his life as a recent campaign for ticket sales in a fast early.

"We have to evolve in different directions was, and this is one," said Johnny spindle, co-founder of FNGRS CRSSD. "From the point of view of the city and the park, and we had to juggle a lot of things, but we are very happy with the result."

CRSSD FESTIVAL on Oct at San Diego, California, United States Pictures And HD Wallpapers

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